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Developing your Laser Thoughts

What a great day the Lord has made,

Let us rejoice and be glad…

This is how we should be living  our life’s. We have different levels of greatness and some of them are extremely challenging , Some contain sadness , some fear some desperation and some filled with happiness and joy .

Something we can very easily sway away from is what our goals in life are . Especially when our good day is on the lowest level of good.

We could use a small reminder from time to time . After all we are human and nudges in the right direction will help to keep us focused and build our humanity in helping others. I for sure know that in helping others I find my greatest joy.

Please take some time and think about your life and the direction you are headed in.

I look forward to hearing your comments on the

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It is a great effort of humanity created by my good friend Chuck Bartok

His gift in life is truly helping others.

Value of Meditation

With the right input your thoughts will be

laser guided for success in life.

In a world full of choices I continue to have faith that mankind will choose to help his or her neighbor in time of need.

It is truly evident in great disasters, we just need to maintain the 9-11 mentality of faith, hope and charity on a daily basis.

I feel that with the proper input into our thoughts as in “LASER THOUGHTS” 

 we can achieve anything that our physical bodies will allow.
And with the proper training we can increase the abilities of our physical bodies like my friend Chuck Bartok is teaching and striding for in his 90 day challenge.

Filling our thoughts in a conscious level and a subconscious level will make for a better person. It will allow us to make it to the next level and beyond. That is the reason for this Meditation program . We have the Bible as our lead meditation because of how important the word of God is to so many of us . soon we will have many other meditation programs available . Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to retrain our thoughts to not just reach for our goals but achieve them
It is Finally here.

The new player is ready for use.

The player can be ordered with the King James Bible on it or the 

Douey Rheims Catholic Bible Narrated by Steve Webb .

We still have the clearance going on  all small players with the King James Bible

“Passages to help Balance your life”

clearance priced at just $17.95 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling If you were thinking about getting one , now is the time . There are less than 15 left . so order quickly .

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 and start filling your thoughts with the word of God.

“Passages to help Balance your life”

 I helped create this system with Richard DesLond of Mangosteen Electronics

 after noticing that we are living In a world full of chaos and strife

and felt that we could all use some inspiration from time to time.

Sometimes just little reminder is all you need to change a situation from bad to good.

This AudioMeditation player was developed to help you on your

spiritual and physical journey by using

scripture passages that shine the light on the darkness you may encounter throughout the day.

 During our developmental we found so much inspiration in the words from our heavenly Father. He is definitely guiding us, even in our darkest hours he would offer what we felt to be his guidance to give us the strength and abilities to move past the obstacles that would blind us from his word and eternal love that only a true Father has for his children. 

Gather the Family around the player and listen to the Meditations

or take time as a family to listen to the Bible.

Feeling his love as parents and sharing your matured in site with your children is the best part of  life you will ever share with family, Friends and Neighbors 

Please don’t let another day go by without sharing Gods eternal Love. 

“Passages to help balance your life”

Click and listen for a sample of the word on the player .

 King Kames Bible and 132 passages audio system are on clearance for just $17.95 .

Shipping and handling of just $5.95 no matter how many systems you order

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makeing it easier to carry the audio word with you

“Passages to help balance your life”

comes with a complete 90 day money back guarantee.

Minus any shipping and handling charges .

contains a built in speaker for ease of listening or the built in audio jack can be used for private listening and meditation. With it’s rechargeable Lithium battery you will have hours of time to carry and hear the words of God with you everywhere you go.  This is how the Audio meditation  player  works:

The audios open with the prayer “Our Father”

Next the 10 Commandments

At any time you can advance and or replay any of the audios using the scrolling button then 132 Bible passages in biblical order with a 12 second meditation moment between them.

Then the same passages with a 10 minute silence for meditation .

next is the New Testament. 

followed by the Old Testament.

All the books of the bible are in 20 to 35 minute segments for easy listening and ease of navigation through the players over 200 audios.  

 our goal is to  make it as simple as turning on a switch to follow the word of

Order yours today and start listening to the Greatness that is the Bible.

Pick your color combination Click here.

Forsaken Meditation players


Catholic Bible study audio system,Meditation program

Douay-Rheims Catholic meditation program

After many dedicated years of work recording, Editing and organizing the First English Translation of the Catholic Bible ,The Douay-Rheims Bible

The Meditation system is ready to be carried in the pocket or purse of every devoted Christian.


I call the system “FORSAKEN”

because so many Catholics and Christians alike seem to be on a misguided path, and just as Christ said while on the cross .

“Father why have you forsaken me”

We as Children of God and disciples of Christ have the same thought for time to time .

I feel now is the time for the word of God to rise and the Promise of Christ to be heard and repeated in every curve of the earth.  I have put more than three years of my life into getting this system working.  I can only hope that you to will understand how important it is that we and our children echo the words of Christ more than the words of the latest pop star or latest catchy advertisement . 

We have the programs in place to raise a loving generation that can honor and follow the 

Ten Commandments.

As a matter of FACT, I made them the second audio on the player.

The first is the Our Father. Followed by the Ten commandments .

What a great way to start the day!

Thank our Father for what we have an are about to receive and be reminded of his commandments .

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